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Prof. Dr. Rosella Ragazzi

Prof. Dr. Rosella Ragazzi was born in Roma, Italy, 1965. She is currently associate professor (tenure obtained in 2010) in Media Anthropology and Museum Studies at Tromsø University Museum, the Arctic University of Norway. Her main research topics can be summed up as follow: visual anthropological methodologies, epistemology, performance, migration and mobility, childhood, de-colonization, cultural heritage, transcultural cinema. She has published books, articles and anthological chapters on the subjects.

Prof. Dr. Rosella Ragazzi was between 1999 and 2008 junior and then senior lecturer in visual cultural studies and ethnographic filmmaking, in the same university, institute of social anthropology. She is also a professional filmmaker graduated from the Italian National Film Academy (a dozen documentaries produced as director, editor and camera), and a film scholar. She was educated in Italy, France, Norway and Ireland, involved in anthropological field research in Italy, Bolivia, Cuba, France, Norway, Ireland, Cameroon and Norwegian Sápmi (Saami Indigenous People).

Since 2009, she was visiting associate professor at Freie University in Berlin,Visual and Media Anthropology program, Institute of anthropology and ethnology. She was also a member of an Norwegian ForskningsRåd-funded research project in museology: MUSVit..
In the museological field she is currently doing research on Media and Intangible Cultural Heritage, innovative/critical concepts of Cultural Heritage and Indigeneity Discourses and Heritage. In the field of Visual Anthropology she is doing research on Mobility, Migration and starting a new comparative project on alternative agricultural sustainability and social imagination.

Languages spoken: Italian, French, English, Norwegian and Spanish.

Please find a detailed CV here.

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