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Susanna Düllmann

Susanna Duellmann decided after a long and successful career as TV-journalist and documentary director, dramaturg and script-consultant, to change her focus a bit and to become an independent filmmaker to produce and direct her own films. In 2012 she fullfilled her lifelong dream and founded her own production company Duellmann Filmproduktion, that works with different writers and directors on 2-3 projects per year. Duellmann Filmproduktion creates and sells quality films for international audiences and a worldwide market with the goal to make films with strong images, powerful feelings and universal values.

Beeing passionate about the film business and getting well done and worth-watching movies on screen, she visits filmfestivals and markets all around the globe to build up relationsships to businesspartners and find financing and sales opportunities for the special needs of each project.

Susanna Düllmann started as a filmmaker while her university studies in literature, English and philosophy and she joined a filmmakers club, the "Filmhaus Bielefeld", where she was active in building up a cinema, standing behind the projector and actually showed (and watched) the finest arthouse movies and documentaries.

Please find a detailed CV here.
Please visit the homepage of Susanna Düllmann.

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