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Dr. Thorsten Gieser

Thorsten Gieser is Lecturer in Anthropology in the Institut für Kulturwissenschaft at the University of Koblenz-Landau. Previously, he has studied anthropology and religious studies at the University of Heidelberg  (1998-2004) and completed his PhD in Social Anthropology at the University of Aberdeen, UK (2004-2009).

As a sensory anthropologist with a focus on human-environment and human-animal relations, his current research (ongoing since 2014) is a sensory ethnography of hunting practices in contemporary Germany. Dealing with questions of the mediation of sensory experience, he has been experimenting with evocative 'thick descriptions' in writing and film. As a multimedia ethnography, his field website Hunter-Anthropologist.de gathers a variety of material, from fieldnotes and essays to his two films The Beauty of Hunting (2016, 10 Min.) and The Beauty of Hunting Revisited (2016, 40 Min.).

Please find more information about Dr. Thorsten Gieser here.

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