Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität


Materials and teaching methods


All modules where attendance is required contain lectures as well as tutorials/exercises and guided follow up work and preparation. A large part of the program requires self-study as well as the student’s own preparation and review of course material. Documents will be made available for preparation before a module and for subsequent follow-up work. Students receive the seminar documents in digital form and an efficient and targeted design of self-study will be supported.

An important platform for the Master program is Adobe Connect. This is a multimedia web communication system, which enables students to attend online and in real-time. Students can upload their own productions and receive support. Lecturers and students can also communicate over this platform.

The supervision of the Master’s thesis can likewise take place over the Adobe Connect platform. Students will have the opportunity to carry out asynchronous textual discourse about a seminar topic(s) with other students and lecturers, receive support for written work and upload and exchange practical media exercises. This should achieve continuity in analysis of the program’s content and ensure more exchanges take place.  

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