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Master Program "Visual Anthropology, Media and Documentary Practices"

Apply now! The application deadline is 05 August 2016!
As the number of participants of the master program is limited, places will be awarded upon receipt of the registration.

We offer individual conversations via skype to anyone who is interested in further information about the program. Please register by sending an e-mail message.

In today’s globalized world, where media representations shape social and political spheres, a critical understanding of media and (audio-) visual culture is crucial. Media studies, rooted in social anthropology, offers an in-depth approach to analyzing the complex connections between media, culture and society.

The three-year Master Program trains students in theory and practice in the areas of visual anthropology, the documentary arts (film/photography/installation), media culture and media anthropology. Conceptual and practical knowledge within these areas can be applied in academia, the arts, and culture and media industries, as well as to social, applied, or educational media projects. Students study the theoretical and practical foundations of visual anthropology, they gain experience in film production, project development, and (audio-) visual installation. Ultimately, they acquire the necessary skills for producing their own research projects and media outputs.

The Master Program was designed with working professionals in mind. Distance learning allows students to participate regardless of their location.

An overview of the Master Program can also be found in our flyer and brochure.

The planned program is currently in the accreditation process which is expected to be completed in summer 2016.


News, pictures and background information about the Master Program "Visual Anthropology, Media and Documentary Practices" can be found on our facebook page.

Program Visual Anthropology, Media and Documentary Practices
Degree Master of Arts (M.A.)
Department History/Philosophy
University Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster
Start Winter semester 2016/2017
Application Deadline 05 August 2016
Location WWU Weiterbildung gemeinnützige GmbH, Königsstr. 47, 48143 Münster, Germany
Tuition € 10.750 (for the entire three-year program)
Target Group social, humanities, cultural, media and communication academics and scientists
Organizer WWU Weiterbildung gemeinnützige GmbH
Max. no. of students 22