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The program consists of 6 semesters (three years), including the master’s thesis and final media project. Students have the possibility to complete the program after 5 semester (two and a half years). Overall, the program is comprised of 46 days where attendance is required in Münster in Germany. The in-house classes will be offered as block courses. Please find the dates for the in-house classes here.

The three-year Master Program was designed with working professionals in mind enabling students to study and work at the same time. Students have the choice whether to stay in Germany for the period of the master program or to travel to Germany just for the in-house classes and spend and work the rest of the year in their home country. Nevertheless students need to to prepare and follow up, write essays, finish film projects etc., so there will be a lot to work on during the days between the in-house classes.

Students receive the seminar documents in digital form. An important platform for the Master program is Adobe Connect. This is a multimedia web communication system, which enables students to attend online and in real-time. Students can upload their own productions and receive support. Lecturers and students can also communicate over this platform.

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