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Lefteris Fylaktos is a documentary filmmaker living in Athens, Greece and currently working as a documentary specialist at the Greek Programming Department of ERT S.A. responsible for documentary acquisitions and programming. He is also a member of ERT's  International Co-Production Committee and the National Coordinator for INPUT - International Public TV Organization - Greece. He teaches teach Ethnographic Filmmaking at the University of Münster in Germany and the Dutch Institute Summer School in Athens.

Fylaktos has been active since 1997 in the conception and production of audio-visual content as Television Director for ERT, Independent Documentary Filmmaker and Freelance Director/Producer. His expertise includes several award-winning documentaries and video projects for public, private and international organizations. 

 Additionally, he has experience in cross-media projects and web-documentaries working for the Korsakow Institut in Berlin, has served as jury and delegate for socially responsible media organisations such as INPUT, Prix-Europa, Asterfest, and the Balkan Documentary Center and in 2012 completed his MA in Visual and Media Anthropology at Freie Universität Berlin.

Thomas John is a visual and media anthropologist. For his PhD project he researches about Mexican indigenous cinema and art practices. He conducted several fieldworks in Mexico. He worked and works on his own documentary projects, and teaches since 2013 documentary-film workshops, theoretical, and practical visual anthropology classes at the University of Münster and elsewhere. He is a research associate at the Latin American Institute and the Collaborative Researche Center Affective Societies – Dynamics of social coexistence in mobile worlds at Freie Universität Berlin.

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