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We are pleased to be working with the University of Waikato Management School in Waikato, New Zealand, to bring you this joint Postgraduate Certificate in Management (Emergent Business Technologies) programme. This is an executive programme that will help you get up-to-date with the technology and technological advancements that are happening today and to keep up with them in the future. 

Both institutions have a long tradition and experience in successful executive education and have run AACSB-accredited programmes for many years. This joint programme will for the first time bring diverse viewpoints and IT aspects together and will foster an intensive and truly world-wide dialogue between participants from either side.  Gain an overseas qualification without leaving the country and interact with today’s New Zealand business leaders.

Here you can find informations about the basic study organization and the various teaching blocks of the programme. We hope that it will rise your interest and that we will soon be able to welcome you either in Hamilton, New Zealand or in Münster, Germany.

Stuart Dillon and Gottfried Vossen


Why is it important?

While the Web was not even around 20 years ago, it has meanwhile impacted our lives including how we communicate, how we network with others, how we run a business, and even how government and our society operate. The Web has had a widespread effect in ways no one could anticipate several years ago. During the same period, we have seen Information Technology (IT) invade every aspects of what we do on a daily basis, be it for private or for professional purposes. This is due to the rapid decline in cost in particular of hardware. Indeed, while a personal computer was only affordable for a few 25 years ago and IT was a major organisational investment, it is nowadays common to carry a smartphone around with a computing power beyond earlier imagination. Companies small or large can even get rid of their IT entirely today if they move it to the “cloud.”

Life-long learning in the area of Business Technology is a big challenge especially for managers and executives. New developments emerge at an increasing pace, and the areas in which this happens are both manifold and relevant for every business, from Web search, data mining and business intelligence, to social media, cloud computing, big data and mobile devices of various kinds. 

More so than ever before is it important that the managers of businesses of all types and sizes are aware of these developments and the impact they may have on them. In an increasingly globally connected operating environment, many businesses can no longer choose whether to adopt technology; the issue is when and how to adopt. 

This three dimensional programme has been designed for those working in middle to upper management in government, service or the commerce sector with several years of work experience.  Participants will typically come from enterprises for which information technology (IT) is not their core business, but is nevertheless a crucial business aid for which they have to make investment or sourcing decisions.

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