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The University of Muenster

The University of Muenster is one of the most traditional and well-established universities in Germany. The research profile is characterized by a considerable number of research focal points of proven excellence – in the humanities, business administration, law, natural sciences, mathematics and medicine. The University of Muenster supports top-class research and qualified young researchers in all of those subjects. The aims of the University of Muenster in the field of research are closely linked with its own commitment to provide a wide range of high-quality courses, including offerings in the area of continuing education.

At the same time, by ensuring that broad research can be carried out, the University of Muenster creates a basis on which an excellent education of its students can be provided. Together with its focus on research and education, continuing education represents the core task of the University of Muenster. Due to its distinct geographic location, the University of Muenster is an important hub for the systematic transformation of scientific knowledge into practice. To date, the Münster University Continuing Education is already offering 16 post-graduate part-time courses (master degree), numerous seminars, and certificate programs. By means of targeted advice and support that is given from all departments, the University of Muenster facilitates the initiation and performance of continuing education programs. This is specifically realized through Private-Public-Partnerships. With regard to the Department of Law, this process is quite advanced due to the foundation of JurGrad in 2002. The foundation of the Münster University Continuing Education in 2006 in form of a wholly owned subsidiary was a further important step towards integrating all educational activities for further education under one roof.

The participation of all departments across the University of Muenster with their particular scientific orientation forms the basis for all continuing education offerings. In doing so, it can be ensured that all offerings are in line with the current status of research. Its close relevance to practical issues and strict adherence to interdisciplinary are further key elements of the Münster University Continuing Education. A consequent orientation with regard to the needs and wants of the target group ensures the success of the educational offerings. In line with the principles and objectives of the  Münster University Continuing Education, the numerous scientific departments of the University of Muenster give their ideas for the development of further educational programs. Based on the organic growth of continuing education courses, there are other established providers of continuing education at the University of Muenster.

Please find further information about the University of Muenster on the University`s english Website.

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