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Data Science

Digitization simplifies numerous processes and opens up design options that would have been unthinkable until recently, but this also means companies and institutions face new challenges that digitization and the associated amounts of data entail. Many companies already recognize the enormous value that the use of this data can have for product development, production, marketing, customer relationship management, and ultimately sales. Therefore, when dealing with these large amounts of data, the focus is not only on statistical evaluation and information technology preparation but also on the targeted utilization of the data collected for communication and marketing purposes. Data scientists, therefore, need additional competencies that enable them to strategically analyze the problems from an ethical, legal, and business perspective and to implement them in a targeted manner in the company due to their pronounced communication skills.
Data science generates a new interdisciplinary professional field. To meet these requirements, special skills are required that go beyond the know-how of a single discipline. The necessary knowledge to be acquired is made up of knowledge and skills from various areas of science. The new part-time, interdisciplinary and international master's degree course "Data Science", which is part of Department 4 (Economics), fills this gap and provides in-depth training in the relevant disciplines. It includes content from the fields of business informatics, mathematics, and statistics, business administration and marketing as well as media, law, and communication science.

The master's program is instructed in English and is carried out in cooperation with the High-tech Business & Entrepreneurship Group of the University of Twente (Netherlands). It has a volume of 90 CP, extends over 4 semesters, and concludes with the academic degree of a "Master of Science".

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Master of Science (M.Sc.)


Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster

Optional E-Learning course: October 2023
Module 1: December 2023

Application deadline
31 October 2023

WWU Weiterbildung gGmbH, Königsstraße 47, 48143 Münster
Universität Twente, Enschede, Netherlands (2 modules)

16,950 €
(for the entire program)

Language of instruction

Target group
(Working) people from the field of e-commerce, internet and social media, community managing, consulting and analysis.

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