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Your Stay in Münster

The City of Münster

There are three things that first time visitors to Münster notice right away: the beautiful city center, the large number of bicycles and the abundance of young people. Since October 2004 Münster has proudly called itself “the world’s most liveable city.”  Münster is home to the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität (WWU), one of the five largest universities in Germany with about 43,000 students (at least one-fifth of the city’s entire population).

Also striking in Münster is the interesting architectural interplay between the many historic churches and the new buildings - a juxtaposition which has earned Münster the nickname "Rome of the North". One can happily stroll along the Prinzipalmarkt, a street of gabled houses and buildings, and admire the town hall with its famous peace hall, the numerous shops and the Michaelisplatz which represents the opening to Cathedral Square with St Paul’s Cathedral. The main building of the university is the historic castle in the center of the city, but additional university buildings are located throughout the entire city.

The majority of the inhabitants of Münster enjoy cycling around the city. The promenade, a green ring around the old town, encourages bike riding, jogging, and leisurely strolls. The banks of Lake Aasee in the center of the city are also a popular hangout and ideal for picnicking and sunbathing. Yet Münster has even more to offer: The diverse museums are as attractive as the architectural beauty of the city.

There are many options for going out in the evening. The Kreativkai, Münster’s rebuilt harbor, has numerous bars, clubs and discos for all ages. The Kuhviertel, an area of pubs and bars on the edge of the historical old town, is also quite popular among visitors and locals alike.


Thanks to their central position, our premises are easy to get to from most hotels using either public transport or a (rented) bicycle. For those travelling by car, there are numerous car parks close by. Information for arrival and location of the WWU Weiterbildung gemeinnützige GmbH can be found here.

Conference Rooms

All lectures take place in the Heereman’scher Hof. This historical building in the heart of Münster was completely renovated and has been used for conferences, meetings and offices since 2012. In the historical ambiance of the former home of the Heereman family, students are offered a modern conference and meeting area. The lecture rooms are equipped with the latest audio visual equipment and free Wi-Fi.

Fun Facts about Münster

  • Münster is home to about 310,000 residents. 61,000 students enrolled in six universities and colleges.
  • Münster is known as the ‘Bicycle Capital of Germany’ with 500,000 bicycles registered!
  • In 2004 Münster was named “The World’s Most Livable City” by the UN’s Environmental Program.
  • Münster is named after the monastary around, founded in the year 793. Europe’s Thirty Years War was ended with a treaty signed here.
  • The city and its surrounding area is home to 100 castles, linked up by the bike path ‘100 Schlösser Route’.
  • Münster has its own airport, with international flights.
  • Hollywood actress Franka Potente was born in Münster!
  • Münster is home to 800 pubs, bars and restaurants, 22 museums and 6 cinemas.
  • The city has forged nine twinning relationships, e.g. to York (England), Orléans (France) and Fresno (USA).


City Harbour

City Harbour