WWU Weiterbildung

WWU Weiterbildung

Continuing Education at Münster University

There is a growing trend and special interest in individualized educational programs which can be attributed to the rise of new bachelor- and master study programs. Against this background, continuing education is gaining importance in today’s society. Nowadays, our knowledge-based society requires flexible and target group specific offerings with regard to scientific trainings, e. g. further pursuing an academic career, developing specific competences and skills, constantly updating knowledge.

In 2006, the University of Münster founded the Münster University Continuing Education ("WWU Weiterbildung gGmbH") in order to integrate all educational activities for executive education under one roof. The Münster University Continuing Education is a wholly owned subsidiary of the University of Muenster whose main purpose is the support of study programs for continuing education. In addition, the Münster University Continuing Education is concerned with linking academic science and practice. In doing so, it offers seminars, certificate programs, and master programs in all subjects that are offered by the University of Muenster.

Fun Facts about Münster

  • Münster is home to 280,000 residents. 61,000 students enrolled in six universities and colleges.
  • Münster is known as the ‘Bicycle Capital of Germany’ with 500,000 bicycles registered!
  • In 2004 Münster was named “The World’s Most Livable City” by the UN’s Environmental Program.
  • Münster is named after the monastary around, founded in the year 793. Europe’s Thirty Years War was ended with a treaty signed here.
  • The city and its surrounding area is home to 100 castles, linked up by the bike path ‘100 Schlösser Route’.
  • Münster has its own airport, with international flights.
  • Hollywood actress Franka Potente was born in Münster!
  • Münster is home to 800 pubs, bars and restaurants, 22 museums and 6 cinemas.
  • The city has forged nine twinning relationships, e.g. to York (England), Orléans (France) and Fresno (USA).

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